Supervised Contact + Transportation + Handover Service Information Packs

The Information Package contains all information and forms required to make a referral to our service. It is crucial to read the contents carefully so each participant has a clear understanding of what is required of both parents when making a referral to our service. Once the forms are submitted to us we will contact you to confirm they are received and commence the intake process. 

Our Intake process is comprehensive and created to ensure the arrangement for each service supports a positive experience for children and their family. The intake process can take a minimum 3 working days from the day we receive your forms, depending on parents availability to be contacted by our Intake Officer.

We do not accept incomplete forms; the intake process will not commence unless forms are completed and both parents have come to an agreement about how the visit will occur.

 When the forms are completed, please email to
Private clients and solicitors –
Government & NGO Caseworkers –

Supervised Contact Forms

(Separate forms required, one per parent)
(Both parents to sight and sign the same form) 

Supervised Handover Forms

(Separate forms required, one per parent) 
(Both parents to sight and sign the same form)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9873 3992, should you have any questions or require our assistance to complete the forms.

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