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Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) provides a safe and positive contact service for children and their families. Supervised Family Contact is required for various reasons relevant to each family.

We recognise that a child’s contact with both parents is important for their wellbeing and development.

We understand organising contact arrangements can be stressful for those involved, and we seek to work with families and other professionals to coordinate visits in a helpful way. We facilitate family contact for Family Court matters, Family and Community Services, and for families with private agreements.

Our focus is the wellbeing and safety of the child while ensuring the child and parent are afforded a meaningful opportunity to maintain, improve or re-establish their relationship.

Contact Visits allow parents to demonstrate their relationship and parenting skills. Observation and monitoring are conducted in a supportive, positive environment allowing the parent and child to have a relaxed and enjoyable contact experience.

The location of the Contact Visit is determined by the particular needs of each family and is subject to court orders, casework, risk assessments and negotiations between the parents. Phoenix Rising For Children facilitates contact visitation at a wide variety of locations, appropriate to each family’s needs and circumstances.

A comprehensive, detailed contact report is provided for each visit. These reports are suitable for court filing and provide a timely account of the visit, including interactions between the child, parent and other attendees.

Phoenix Rising For Children’s Information Pack contains detailed instruction and information regarding how to make a referral for contact services. Please download forms below or, alternatively, contact us at and we can provide forms to you by email.


Private + Family Law Court Referrals


The Information Pack below is for our Family and Law Court clients.


Introduction to PRFC.pdf  

Family Contact Service Agreement.doc

Referral Form.doc

Supervised Contact Transport Services Pricelist.pdf

Supervised Handover Services Pricelist  

Payment Instructions.pdf


We require both the ‘lives with parent’ and ‘supervised parent’ to individually complete a Service Agreement Form. The Referral Form is to be completed together by both parents, and both are required to sign the same form, showing that the planned arrangement and conditions of the visit are agreed to. All documents are required to be completed prior to submitting to Phoenix Rising For Children. We are unable to accept forms that are incomplete.

Please email completed forms to 

Once we have confirmed receipt of your documents, we will contact you to commence the referral process.


Government (FACS) + Non-Government Agency Referrals


The Referral Form below is for Government and Non-Government Agencies only.

Please email this completed referral form to and we can then provide you with confirmation and a quotation for your request.

Please don’t hesitate to email or contact us on 02 9873 3992 should you have any questions.


Supervised Contact and Transport Referral Form.doc  


Please don't hesitate to contact us on 02 9873 3992, should you have any questions or require our assistance to complete your forms.

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