Covid 19 Response

Continuing contact:

We are authorised to operate during lockdowns and understand that parents are expected to
uphold their obligations under contact orders/agreements. Parents are allowed to leave home and
travel to engage in (or deliver their children to) contact and should carry their orders with them.
Parents should seek legal advice and/or support if they are unable to agree on suitable
arrangements or are considering not producing their children for contact.

Lockdown Arrangements:

  • Venues are restricted to residential premises and outdoor areas such as parks. We strongly encourage parents to agree in advance on a suitable venue for wet weather during lockdown where residential premises are not already agreed.
  • Face-to-face contact continues for the primary attendee (usually a parent). Other approved attendees can participate via zoom/facetime/telephone contact.
  • The supervisor will wear a face mask throughout changeover, transport and contact and only remove it if eating or drinking.
  • We ask parents to wear a face mask throughout contact and ensure that their children over 12 also do so. These should only be removed when eating and drinking.


Ongoing Safety Measures:
Our supervisors are trained in infection control and will:

  • Maintain physical distancing from participants and minimise physical contact with children wherever possible.
  • Adhere to hygiene principles, sanitise their hands regularly and sanitise their cars after each transport assignment.

When possible, we ask parents to:

  • Maintain physical distancing from the supervisor and ensure that their children maintain physical
    distancing from others.
  • Sanitise their hands and those of their children regularly including at the start of the contact, before and after eating and after touching surfaces such as playground equipment.
  • Assist their children and bags to and from the car if the supervisor is providing transport.

Please note: Additional measures may apply as per public health orders/NSW Health Directions
and/or our work health and safety obligations.

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