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Recruitment of New + Existing Foster Carers

Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) is recruiting new foster carers, and current or existing foster carers transferring from agencies including the NSW Department of Family & Community Services, Community Services in accordance with the NSW OOHC Transition Plan.


PRFC is an accredited organisation providing out-of-home care services, including foster care, relative and kinship care, to children and young people in New South Wales.


PRFC understands the impact of such care arrangements on these children and young people, their families and the people who care for them.  PRFC is an organisation that is focused on helping children achieve their potential, and we fully understand the importance of a team approach which includes foster carers.


We recognise that to achieve great outcomes requires a team approach and we work collaboratively with other organisations including the NSW Department of Family & Community Services, Community Services, other agency providers and peak organisations.


PRFC understands why children returning to their family of origin can be the best outcome, and we are pro-active in this regard, whilst at the same time recognising that for some children and young people such a move would not be in their best interests.


We provide quality placements with good therapy intervention.  Our personnel maintain meaningful and effective relationships with foster carers, and we undertake considered and timely casework.


In addition to the provision of quality care PRFC works with children / young people assisting with their return to family or to long term, stable and nurturing care arrangements.  In these endeavours PRFC works with families, foster carers, other agencies and government departments.


Children and young people in foster care require a nurturing placement in which their needs are met in significant ways including their emotional needs.  These needs are paramount with PRFC caseworkers.


Benefits + Allowances

Benefits and allowances are paid to foster carers for children and young people in care.  The actual amounts are determined according to an assessment of the child and young persons needs, age and other factors.  


Assessment Process 

The PRFC assessment process for existing foster carers transitioning to PRFC will vary according to need. 


In the first instance PRFC Caseworkers will arrange a meeting at a mutually agreeable time.  This meeting will be an opportunity for discussion with a purpose of discovering what each of us finds important about the provision of care and how we can work together. 


Existing foster carers will not be required to undertake the assessment and training regime required of new foster carers and the transfer process will be subject to the individual needs of each foster care household. 


Community Services or other relevant agency will be providing PRFC caseworkers with existing record information.  PRFC caseworkers will also seek to discover what is currently happening and those things existing foster carers would like to see happen.    


PRFC works closely with foster carers in a supportive working relationship and carers are valued members of our Care Team


For new / potential foster carers PRFC undertakes an assessment process:

  • Involving six meetings and these are usually conducted at the potential foster carer’s home with PRFC workers visiting the home at times mutually suitable including at weekends and in the evenings
  • PRFC facilitates a training program of about twenty hours for prospective foster carers at various locations across Sydney.  Completing this training is a requirement of the assessment process.
  • In consultation with prospective foster carers PRFC workers may identify or suggest other training


Providing foster care is a rewarding activity for many families.  We recognise the successful placement of children and young people requires particular skills including a team approach, quality and timely casework and support and care to the foster care family.


If you would like to be a valued member of our Care Team, and to work with us to provide a nurturing placement for a child / young person we’d love to hear from you.


PRFC provides care to children across the greater Sydney metropolitan and Central Coast areas.


We are contactable in the following ways:

T: 02 9873 3992, 

write to us at PO Box 71, Oatlands 2117 or



To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.



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