Specialist Support Services


Phoenix Rising For Children have experience and expertise working with children and families affected by difficult and stressful circumstances.


We provide:


  • In excess of 19 years of experience providing supervised contact services
  • Immediate availability in accepting family referrals
  • Qualified, experienced professional family supervisors
  • A high level of confidentiality
  • 24 hour / 365 days per year support to clients and personnel
  • Detailed, well written reports appropriate for filing in court matters


Services provided


  • Supervised Family Contact
  • Supervised Transportation
  • Supervised Handover
  • Mentoring + Youth Work Support
  • Interim Supervised Contact
  • Pre-Requested Contact Visit Meetings
  • Contact Reports



Contact Supervision


Phoenix Rising For Children facilitates court-ordered Contact Supervision for Family Court matters, Children’s Court matters, Government Departments including Family & Community Services, and for families with private agreements.   

We focus on the wellbeing and safety of the child whilst ensuring that the child and parent are afforded a meaningful opportunity to maintain, improve or re-establish their relationships. 

Contact visits are an opportunity for parents to demonstrate their relationship and parenting skills. Observation and monitoring are conducted in a supportive, positive environment – offering parents and children the opportunity for a relaxed and enjoyable contact experience.

The location of the Contact Visit is determined by particular needs of each family and is subject to court orders, casework, safety and OHS issues, and negotiations between parents. 

Contact Reports are suitable for filling in court. They provide a timely account of the visit and include interactions between the child, parent and other attendees. 


Supervised Transport


PRFC transports children to and from contact visits, some of which are unsupervised, and to other locations, school and appointments. We ensure children are transported in comfort and safety. PRFC uses premium quality and age-appropriate cars and strollers. We provide a written report detailing the interactions with the child during transportation. 


Supervised Handover


PRFC provides supervised handover services, supervising the transition of a child from one parent to another. This service may be required when there are high levels of conflict between the parents and they are not able to come into contact with one another. This service is also useful to families where there are court orders in place prohibiting contact, including Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders. The handover of the child may take place at an agreed location, and PRFC provides a written report documenting what has occurred during the handover.



Mentoring + Youth Work Support


PRFC provides mentoring to children who are vulnerable and at risk of becoming marginalised. Mentors aim at developing a positive, empathic relationship with the child based on respect. We find an important aspect to each mentoring relationship is the opportunity to empower children and young people, help them with knowledge, skill development and self-esteem.


Interim Supervised Contact


PRFC are aware some families are awaiting availability to utilise a contact centre. We are able to provide an interim supervised contact service for parents who require an immediate start while their provider is unavailable.


Pre Requested Contact Visit Meeting -

Children + Supervisor


This service is available to families to assist children who are anxious about what is to occur at the contact visit. The supervisor will meet with the parent and child, explain their role, discuss what may occur at the visit and answer any questions the child may have. There is a minimum time frame of one hour charged for this service.


Contact Visit Report


PRFC provides detailed written reports for contact services. Contact Reports are suitable for filing in court. They provide a timely account of the visit and include interactions between the child, parent and other attendees. 


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